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What types of mobile device does ecoRIDES support?

ecoRIDES is currently available for iOS and Android operating system. The iOS version should be 7.0 or later and the Android version should be 4.0 or later. So you need to own an iOS or Android smart device.

Does ecoRIDES require any registration?

There’s no need to register. Just enter your phone number, wait for the verification code sent to your phone in seconds and start running the app.

How can I book a ride with ecoRIDES?

Open the “New Booking” screen where your current location is automatically determined via GPS. You can also mark your location on the map or search for it using Google Maps or Foursquare.

Slide the round button at the bottom of the screen to choose your favorite car type.

Tap on “Set Pick up Location” button to identify your pickup location.

Enter additional information (optional) and tap on the “Request Tesla”button to request your ride.

Can I contact the driver while he is coming to my place?

Yes. Since your booking request is accepted and your driver is on his way toward you, you can easily message or call him at any time. It is also possible to track his routes on the integrated real – time map to guarantee a problem – free pickup.

Can I get fare estimation before on board?

Yes, of course. Simply tap on the “Estimate Data” button after entering your destination to calculate your fare, ETA and distance.

Can I cancel my booking?

After your request is accepted, you can cancel your ride at any time by tapping on “Cancel” button. You may be charged a “Cancellation Fee” according to our cancellation policy for doing this.

Can I pre – book a ride?

Yes. It is possible to book a ride in advance via both ecoRIDES app and on our website:

On the app, enter your requested pickup time on the Confirmation screen and tap to schedule your trip.

On the website, open the menu bar and click Reserve Now to book your reservation.


Is it safe to use my credit/debit card on ecoRIDES site?

Yes.  Your credit card information is kept highly private while using ecoRIDES app to book rides.  All data is transferred in an encrypted format to guarantee the most secure transactions.

Can I review the payment history?

Yes. ecoRIDES stores all transaction history and makes them fully trackable. Open Menu and tap on “Receipts” to view and manage your trip receipts.

How can I use my promo code?

Before requesting your ride, tap on the “Promo Code” button on the Confirmation screen to redeem your Promo code and the discount will be applied to your trip!


Can I provide feedback on the driver?

Yes. You can rate your driver and provide detailed feedback on his performance after every ride. This will help us improve our customer services to offer you better rides in the future.

What should I do if my driver does not show up?

Once your request is accepted, you can contact your driver via phone calls or messages.  If your driver has an unexpected problem and must cancel the ride, your trip will be auto-assigned to another available driver. So, there won’t be the case when you are unpicked up.

I left something in the car. What can I do?

You can call your driver as soon as possible after the ride to take back your items. Your trip history is fully stored in the app under the “My Bookings” tab, including the vehicle plate number, phone number and driver ID of your driver, so your driver is always contactable.

You can also contact our customer support at:

What if I forgot to enter my destination address?

No problem. Destination address is optional, you can let your driver know when being on-board.

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